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Why choose a dentist?


There are different reasons to choose dentistry as a career. Dentistry gives a chance to clear the difference in your patient’s health and well-being.

It is a career that allows you to be your own boss and dental practice. There is a question that why dentistry proves to be a rewarding career for a person.

There are such questions:

  • What is the unique thing about dentistry?
  • What are the duties of a dentist?
  • How can we start our career in dentistry?
  • What are the career options in dentistry?

You have to follow such steps to become a good dentist.


Step 1: Learn a lot about Science and Math

This field requires excellent knowledge in Science and math. So you should try to attend as much as science and math classes as you can attend throughout high school. What’s offered in your high school depends naturally on math and science classes. For instance, to establish a career in dentistry, you know such courses as biology, physics, chemistry, geography, water biology, geometry, and algebra, etc.

If you don’t want to study astronomy, it would be ok to take another class of Science and math on its reverse.


Step 2: Visit local dentist offices to ask questions

As a high school student, you should visit the different dentist clinics to get familiar with this field in your area. A local dentist can prove a good resource for you to teach about dentistry and what career you envision yourself. You can also call and mail such dentists to ask questions about the profession and their experiences. For instance, you can be curious to know about dentistry and why this person started this career, and you can also ask him about the most difficult task in the field of dentistry.


Step 3: Job shadow a real dentist

If you do not know about the field in which you are interested, job shadowing can be helpful in this regard. For a job shadow, you have to spend a day with the person in this field and observe his works and duties. Job shadowing with the dentist will involve seeing how he deals with his patients, performing oral exams, and drilling teeth with cavities. The best time for shadowing a dentist will be in the summers when you do not go to your school and have time to spend a day within a week with any local dentist.

Step 4: Submit great college applications.

To be an impressive dentist, there is no need to go to any specific college. But you should try to take admission to a good college for dentistry as you selected a good school.

There are some essential qualities that will help you to make a good college application:

  • ACT scores or high SAT
  • Compelling personal statement
  • Great GPA
  • Glowing recommendation letters

Do homework to work on the application and also take notice in your mind about the deadline of applications submission.

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Step 5: Continue taking classes in Science and pre-health

If you are planning to become a dentist, it does not matter how college you go to. Just focus on taking as many science and health classes as you can. They include courses in organic chemistry, biology and anatomy. Science should be your first priority to choose as physics, biology, and chemistry. Some general prerequisites for your dental school should be:

  • 8 hours of physics
  • 8 hours of English
  • 8 hours of biology with lab
  • 8 hours of organic chemistry with lab
  • 8 hours of ordinary chemistry with lab


Step 6:Gain some real-life health care experience

Make it possible to a part-time job or any volunteer position at any nearby health care facility, especially a dental office. This type of experience will be helpful more if you did not ever shadow a dentist in your high school. Take this job as a learner about the field and talk with other health care persons about this field. This will help you a lot to start your own career in dentistry. Do not give up learning because it must be a time-consuming process, but it will help you very much.

Step 7: Apply to dental schools

Admission to dental schools is very competitive. You should apply on schools of your interest.  There are some factors you should evaluate on:

  • College GPA
  • DAT score
  • Personal interviews
  • Shadowing experience of the dental office

Step 8: Get involved in your community

Get benefits from any chance your school offers dental students. This could be a student club for oral health or volunteer at health and a dental clinic. You can have a chance to learn about career opportunities or take a decision about your specialization.

Step 9: Decide whether you want to specialize

Most students go to the general dentist after their degree in dentistry, but some of them select to do specialization. There are some specializations offers by ADA:

  • Dental public health
  • Endodontics
  • Dental Anaesthesiology
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Periodontics

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