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Edward M. Mintline

Last October I got a call from an associate I worked with ten years ago. I consider him a business mentor who has a dandy resume. He attended Annapolis, worked for NASA quality inspections, managed a factory for General Electric and set up a maquiladora operations in Mexico. We traveled together to Asia to select supply partners, which required us to evaluate factory operations and the management. He always was professional who when asked gave candid opinions to those managers when they asked.

After a few of the usual reminiscences of old friends I asked him what he was doing now that he had relocated to Florida. His response was uncharacteristic for a man of his background. “Nothing” he replied.

I asked if had considered volunteering with SCORE as a mentor. I went on to explain that SCORE is part of the Federal Small Business Administration whose mission is to advise beginning entrepreneurs on how to properly define their business, develop the financials to prove profitability and define the weakness that could cause failure. The volunteers work with the local business community and the organizations that support these local businesses such as a local Chamber of Commerce. All things I’d seen him do in our fifteen years of working together. A SCORE Chapter, I went on, also produces local workshops, frequently with local business professionals, on topics of marketing, accounting and legal assistance.

How could my friend and other past successful people not want to SHARE what they have learned watching great ideas and programs fail because of one or two steps not taken? In the process of working with these startups help build the local business community.

The Tuolumne County SCORE Chapter is in need of volunteers. Recently the National Board of Directors recognized that there are more than one type of volunteer and have expanded the classifications to allow volunteers to contribute and fell comfortable. In addition to Mentor, the classification of volunteers now includes Subject Matter Expert, Workshop Presenter and Volunteer.

A Mentor is qualified to mentor any client including existing businesses and start-up clients. Mentors are proficient in guiding a client of any industry on business basics. A Certified Mentor has completed training courses provided by the National Organization. The Mentor has co-mentored clients with other certified mentors in multiple meetings with clients and has been approved by certified mentors.

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) has knowledge and experience in a specific set of business skills. They assist clients when those skills are needed under the supervision of a Mentor. These volunteers may not be able because of their schedules to go through full training or dedicate the time for multiple clients. These are local CPA’s, attorneys, tax experts, engineers, teachers and marketers.

Workshop Presenters deliver workshops in support of SCORE mission, vision and values. They support the SCORE educational mission and promote the SCORE brand. These volunteers do not mentor clients or have other roles in the chapter. The expectation is that they are skilled presenters with current knowledge that they are willing to share with our clients while complying with the Code of Ethics.

SCORE Volunteers work in support of the SCORE mission and vision by handling the myriad of administrative and support tasks required to operate a chapter. These volunteers do not mentor clients. The Volunteer may hold Chapter offices such as Treasurer, Webmaster, Client assignments or Marketing Programs.

In my tenure as SCORE Chairman I’ve been able to meet many local residents who volunteer for business organizations, charities, politics and education. They assume leadership positions and give a portion of their time to helping others. They may be unhappy with the conditions of the situation, but these are happy people. They are contented because they are giving.

If you have a business background and are willing to SHARE your experience with those who have a dream, then I personally invite you to join SCORE. What’s better than a dream is a dream come true!

Go to www. and on the top of the Home page click on “Volunteer” and then the button “Apply to be a SCORE Volunteer”, complete the application and the Chapter will contact you.

My friend in Florida did.

Contact Mr. Mintline at

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